Bundestag Elections

The Bundestag election 2009 for the first time interactive on German television. v-sion develops a comprehensive interactive voting application for N24. For the first time the moderator is able to support his moderation with graphics on his own.

Particularly challenging was the fact that state elections took place simultaneously in Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein. In order to fill ticker systems and graphics with the data, we developed a central data tool as a basis for the interactive application, which was also the basis for the ticker and election reporting of Sat.1, Pro7 and Kabel 1. Pro Sieben Newstime, Sat.1 Nachrichten and Kabel 1 News are produced and maintained by N24 in Berlin on Potsdamer Platz.

The voting application is used in all elections (Bundestag elections, state elections, US presidential elections) and the moderators are always happy when the time comes again.

Our Tasks

Design Implementation
Newsroom System Integration

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